Breaking: RIPS is acquired by SonarSource
Joining forces in building best-in-class SAST products

Protect your Production Server

Easily integrate automated security testing into your continuous integration and delivery tools.

RIPS Integrations

Jenkins CI is an open source automation server. It provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying, and automating application development projects. With the RIPS plugin you can seamlessly add RIPS code analysis as a job task to scan your build for security vulnerabilities.

Atlassian Bamboo enables continuous integration, deployment, and delivery of software applications. By automatically testing your applications for security issues with the RIPS plugin, your production server will be protected from new vulnerabilities.

RIPS and its easy integration into our DevOps tools enables us to manage our risks and to detect vulnerabilities earlier in the development cycle before the code moves into production.

Sachin Shetty, Application Security Manager - Core Products, Datto

SonarQube is a continuous code quality inspection product. Businesses cannot risk bringing products to market that can be exploited by threat actors. Our plugin enables the integration of in-depth security analysis directly into SonarQube. This allows for the detection of security threats and quality issues in one central location for easy resolution.

TeamCity is a continuous integration and deployment server. Our TeamCity plugin serves as a security gateway to automatically check your code for security vulnerabilities and security-related code quality issues.

By partnering with RIPS and by using its extensive automation and integration capabilities, we are able to add another strong layer of security testing to our code base.

Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall, President of the Joomla Project

GitLab is a single open-source application for the entire software development lifecycle. From project planning with issue tracking and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security. You can easily hook RIPS into GitLab as a build step to automatically trigger security scans and to block vulnerable builds.

Bitbucket Pipelines empowers teams to build, test, and deploy their code within Bitbucket. You can easily integrate RIPS into Bitbucket as a pipeline step to trigger application security testing and to uncover vulnerabilities.

Drone helps your organization optimize and automate software delivery. You can easily add RIPS security analysis as a pipeline step that will break a build if certain security thresholds are violated.

Using RIPS API, Magento streamlined its Threat Intelligence pipeline to provide automated scanning and threat identification.

John Steer, Chief of Product Security, Magento

Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration and delivery service. RIPS can be easily integrated into Travis CI as a quality gate to notify developers about new security issues in their code.

CircleCI is a continuous integration and delivery platform that runs each build in a clean Docker container for testing. You can seamlessly integrate RIPS by adding our ready-to-use Docker image as a build step that fails builds and notifies teams about new security issues.