Secure your PHP application with static analysis

RIPS code analysis detects
critical security issues
in your PHP application
without false positive noise.

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Static Analysis for PHP

Unique PHP Analysis

Static code analysis algorithms dedicated to the PHP language to produce the most accurate analysis possible.

Security Bug Detection

Unmatched Bug Detection

Precise detection of real and complex security vulnerabilities that no other solution can find to minimize an application's attack surface.

Static Analysis Performance

Leading Performance

In-depth security analysis in minutes instead of hours enables you to scan multiple times a day or continuously rather than once overnight.

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How it Works

Select Repository

1. Select Your Code Base

Integrate RIPS into your SDLC, select your local code repository (on-premises solution), or upload a file archive (SaaS solution).

Security Analysis

2. PHP Security Analysis

RIPS analyzes your code to find security vulnerabilities automatically using our static code analysis techniques.

Code Analysis Report

3. Review and Patch Issues

As soon as a security vulnerability is found, its description, severity, affected code lines, and a patch suggestion can be reviewed in real-time.

Product Editions

  Local Installation

Install RIPS on your local offline server, control resources and data.

Developer / Consulting licenses available.


Get access to our secure and scalable code analysis platform.

Subscription / On-Demand licenses available.

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