Manage your risks

Without a good product--and a secure product--you cannot grow your business. You cannot risk shipping applications plagued with vulnerable code. Executives deploy RIPS across their organizations to make sure their developers are building applications that have the right security mechanisms in place. With RIPS leading code analysis, executives can ensure that their teams are fixing code vulnerabilities as early as possible in the software development lifecycle, which reduces time spent on costly rework.

  • Fully automate security testing to save time for other tasks.
  • Demonstrate and measure concrete progress in security.
  • Constantly train your developer team about latest security threats.
  • Fix vulnerabilities as early as possible and at the lowest cost point.
  • Ship secure applications to your clients and save hours of rework.
  • Meet compliance requirements and industry standards.

Magento Logo

Magento selected RIPS technology to enhance the scanning capabilities of all Magento products including third party extensions. Using RIPS API, Magento streamlined its Threat Intelligence pipeline to provide automated scanning and threat identification. RIPS Tech team support is outstanding, ensuring Magento an easy set up and operational excellence.

John Steer
Chief of Product Security, Magento


Trust your code

Application developers extend existing frameworks and write new source code from scratch. They cannot risk shipping applications plagued with vulnerable code to their customers. Developers use RIPS code analysis to make sure they can ship applications that have the right security mechanisms deployed. Their customers can rest easy knowing that their sensitive data and servers will not be corrupted by applications that haven’t been built with security in mind.

  • Seamlessly integrate automated security testing into your IDE, bug tracker, or DevOps tools.
  • Scan large code bases in minutes and multiple times a day.
  • Easily understand and prioritize all findings in team collaboration.
  • Learn about the latest security threats and exploitation techniques.
  • Follow detailed patch instructions and resolve critical issues first.
  • Save time and focus on development.

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We've been using SAST products from a couple of big and well known vendors but the results we were getting were little more than elaborate script searches with too much noise resulting in a painful waste of time. RIPS provides highly accurate analysis finding bugs that were not detected by the other tools, is more elegant to navigate, and it saves hours of work.

Lukas Reschke
Information Security Lead, Nextcloud


Save audit time

Security researchers, code analysts, application security specialists, and security consultants analyze third-party source code for security threats during application evaluations. They also periodically analyze applications while they are running in production environments. Security professionals are the last line of defense against the cyber threats, and they need to quickly determine if there are vulnerabilities in their PHP code, if these can be exploited, and what damage the vulnerabilities could cause to the infrastructure.

  • Automate the precise vulnerability identification process.
  • Detect complex security vulnerabilities without false positive noise.
  • Minimize the risk of overlooking vulnerable code in large projects.
  • Quickly evaluate findings with RIPS' interactive dashboard.
  • Summarize detected issues in a final analysis report.
  • Report to clients and internal stakeholders what needs to be done to secure their infrastructure.

Core Security Logo

When using a SAST tool at Core Security the most crucial features are the precision of the results, the amount of false positives, and the speed. RIPS' performance and accuracy prevails over any other SAST tool we have seen. We are happy to have found a tool that meets our expectations and, contrary to other tools, saves us time instead of increasing our work load due to false positives.

Guido Leo
Security Consultant, Core Security