Different needs, one solution.

Security Professionals

Security researchers, code analysts, and security consultants analyze third-party source code, which can be already running in production environments, for security threats. Their goal is to quickly discover security vulnerabilities, determine if and how these are exploitable, and what kind of risk they pose to the infrastructure.

RIPS significantly speeds up the workflow of security professionals by automating the precise vulnerability identification process and by minimizing the risk of overlooking dangerous code in large code bases. The interactive vulnerability dashboard allows to quickly evaluate findings and to summarize detected issues for the final analysis report.

Security professionals

Here is one of the few security products, that is not snakeoil: RIPS.
We use it all the time.

Dr. Mario Heiderich, Founder and CEO

PHP developers

PHP Developers

Developers of PHP applications extend existing frameworks and write new source code from scratch. Their goal is to find a reasonable tradeoff between building and shipping new applications fast, and implementing the right security mechanisms in order to protect their sensitive data, servers, and reputation. Hence, vulnerability detection must be very fast, and the process of understanding and fixing issues must be even faster.

RIPS is the fastest static code analysis tool available. Detected issues can be reviewed in real-time and a scan finishes within minutes. Detailed instructions allow to easily prioritize and understand all findings, so that the most critical issues can be patched first. Our API allows to seamlessly integrate an automated security analysis into the development lifecycle.

With less than 1% false positive reports RIPS helped us turn our monster app into a more safe and trusted platform.

Wesley Abbenhuis, Software Engineer


IT Operations

Web hoster, network operators, and administrators face the big challenge of running multiple web applications, partly with an unknown origin of the source code. At the same time, reliable protection of the infrastructure must be maintained and the attack surface kept small. A security analysis for thousands of installations must run fast, requires a powerful automation process, and produce a high level overview of the security state for all installations.

With the help of a powerful API, our fast and precise security analysis can be fully automated, scheduled, and integrated into the risk management. Operators can be alarmed when vulnerable code was added and actions for websites with a critical security status can be taken.

IT operations

At Nextcloud, the next generation open source Enterprise File Sync and Share, it's very important to protect user data through multiple layers of protection. We've been using SAST products from a couple of big and well known vendors but the results we were getting were little more than elaborate script searches with too much noise resulting in a painful waste of time. RIPS provides highly accurate analysis finding bugs that were not detected by the other tools, is more elegant to navigate, and it saves hours of work.

Lukas Reschke
Information Security Lead