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Software Version Issue Type CVE Blog RIPS
WordPress 5.2.3 Hardening Bypass CVE-2019-8943 Analysis Report
BigTree CMS 4.4.6 SQL Injection Analysis Report
Pimcore 6.2.0 Remote Command Execution Analysis Report
SuiteCRM 7.11.5 Remote Code Execution CVE-2019-12601 Analysis Report
OXID eShop 6.1.3 SQL Injection to RCE CVE-2019-13026 Analysis Report
TYPO3 9.5.7 Stored XSS to RCE CVE-2019-12747 Analysis Report
Magento 2.3.1 Stored XSS to RCE Analysis
dotCMS 5.1.5 SQL Injection to RCE CVE-2019-12872 Analysis Report
MyBB 1.8.20 Stored XSS to RCE CVE-2019-12830 Analysis Report
BitBucket 6.1.0 Path Traversal to RCE CVE-2019-3397 Analysis
LogicalDoc 8.2 File Disclosure CVE-2019-9723 Analysis Report
WordPress 5.1 Remote Code Execution CVE-2019-9787 Analysis
WordPress 5.0.0 Remote Code Execution CVE-2019-8943 Analysis Report
WordPress 5.0.0 Privilege Escalation CVE-2018-20152 Analysis
phpBB 3.2.3 Phar Deserialization to RCE CVE-2018-19274 Analysis Report
Pydio 8.2.1 Remote Code Execution CVE-2018-20718 Analysis Report
WooCommerce 3.4.5 File Delete to RCE CVE-2018-20714 Analysis Report
WooCommerce 3.4.5 Phar Deserialization to RCE Analysis Report
TikiWiki 17.1 SQL Injection CVE-2018-20719 Analysis Report
WordPress 4.9.6 File Delete to RCE CVE-2018-12895 Analysis Report
Moodle 3.4.2 Remote Code Execution CVE-2018-1133 Analysis
PrestaShop Remote Code Execution CVE-2018-20717 Analysis
Shopware 5.4.2 SQL Injection CVE-2018-20713 News Report
LimeSurvey 2.72.3 Remote Code Execution CVE-2017-18358 Analysis Report
Joomla! 3.8.3 SQL Injection CVE-2018-6376 Analysis Report
CubeCart 6.1.12 Auth Bypass, SQL Injection CVE-2018-20716 Analysis Report
OXID eSales 4.10.6 SQL Injection CVE-2018-20715 Report
Shopware 5.3.3 SQL Injection, XXE Injection CVE-2017-18357 Analysis Report
flatCore CMS 1.4.6 Remote Code Execution CVE-2017-1000428 Analysis Report
Joomla! 3.7.5 LDAP Injection CVE-2017-14596 Analysis Report
SugarCRM 7.7, 7.8, 7.9 SQL Injection, File Disclosure CVE-2017-14508 Analysis
Ampache 3.8.2 Object Instantiation Analysis Report
e107 2.1.2 PHP Object Injection Analysis Report
AbanteCart 1.2.8 SQL Injection Analysis Report
Kliqqi Remote Code Execution Analysis Report
osClass 3.6.1 Remote Code Execution Analysis Report
Redaxo 5.2.0 Remote Code Execution Analysis Report
Vtiger 6.5.0 SQL Injection Analysis Report
Precurio 2.1 Path Traversal Analysis Report
PHPKit 1.6.6 File Upload Analysis Report
Serendipity 2.0.3 File Upload Analysis Report
Roundcube 1.2.2 Remote Command Execution CVE-2016-9920 Analysis Report
Expression Engine 3.4.2 PHP Object Injection Analysis Report
eFront 3.6.15 SQL Injection Analysis Report
Coppermine Gallery 1.5.42, 1.6.x-dev1 Remote Command Execution Analysis Report
FreePBX 13.x Remote Command Execution Analysis Report
TeamPass 2.1.25 SQL Injection Analysis Report
phpMyAdmin 4.6.2 Remote Code Execution CVE-2016-5734 PMASA-2016-27 Report
Concrete5 SQL Injection Details Report
Drupal 7.34 PHP Object Injection Analysis
Magento PHP Object Injection Analysis
phpMyAdmin 4.2.10 Local File Inclusion CVE-2014-8959 PMASA-2014-14
Joomla! 3.3.4 Remote Code Execution CVE-2014-7228 Analysis
phpBB 2.0.23 SQL Injection Analysis Report
CMS Made Simple 1.11.11 SQL Injection Changelog Report
osCommerce 2.3.4 Remote Code Execution Video Report
Wordpress 4.01 Cross-Site Scripting Details Report
hotCRP 2.90 SQL Injection Changelog Report
hotCRP 2.60 SQL Injection Changelog Report
OpenConf 5.30 Remote Code Execution Analysis
Gallery3 3.0.4 Remote Code Execution Details Report

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