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RIPS is the technology leader in static application security testing that scans your source code for previously unknown security vulnerabilities.

Security is important but should not waste your time! Our state-of-the-art analysis engines are tailored to each programming language to enable the most accurate analysis possible. RIPS reports only meaningful findings with a fair severity rating and no false positive noise. Afterall, you need to be able to trust the results of your SAST solution in order to automated security decisions.

Our customers report a false positive rate as low as 1-2%.

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When using a SAST tool at Core Security the most crucial features are the precision of the results, the amount of false positives, and the speed. RIPS' performance and accuracy prevails over any other SAST tool we have seen. We are happy to have found a tool that meets our expectations and, contrary to other tools, saves us time instead of increasing our work load due to false positives.

Guido Leo, Security Consultant, Core Security