RIPS 2.9.0

VS. Open Source Version

Open Source Version (RIPS 0.55)

Next Generation (RIPS 2.9.0)

RIPS Free Open-Source VersionRIPS Next Generation Version
Limited PHP support (PHP 3-4, no OOP) Full PHP support (PHP 3-7)
Limited code scanning analysis techniques Awarded static code analysis techniques
Weak analysis precision (many false positives to review) Very high analysis precision with no false positive noise
15 vulnerability types detected Over 100 vulnerability types and 40 code quality types detected
Outdated risk detection (last update in 2013) Up-to-date risk detection
No integration capability Integration with REST-API, CI plugins, and CLI tool available
No industry standards support Industry standards support (OWASP Top 10, ASVS, Sans 25, CWE, PCI-DSS, HIPAA)
Team collaboration unavailable Team collaboration enabled (vulnerability resolution and privilege management)
No persistent storage of findings Continuous storage of findings (dashboard with comparison to previous scan results)
No findings export capability Scan results export (PDF, CSV, or JIRA)
No analysis fine tuning Build analysis profiles with PHP version specific configurations

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