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Easy customization with RIPS REST API

Customize RIPS

Our RESTful API is the core of all integration plugins and our user interface. It allows to access all RIPS features via HTTP protocol and to customize RIPS to your individual needs. Our API is well documented and specified using the OpenAPI 2.0 standard. We provide a simple-to-use library which enables developers to easily get started with writing custom scripts.

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Typical Use Cases

Trigger Security Scans
Trigger Security Scans
Parse Analysis Results
Parse Analysis Results
Check Security State
Check Security State

There are many reasons why REST is a good choice:

  • Easy to integrate into any system since HTTP libraries and tools are available everywhere
  • Easy to scale and route through load balancers, reverse proxies, caches, ...
  • Relatively easy to maintain in the long term since
    • changes are backward compatible
    • it has a clean and easy to understand interface
  • Small attack surface
  • Well suited for web applications and existing web technologies

Our RESTful API is a powerful tool for developers. It enables to fully automate nearly any task and thus to seamlessly integrate the process of automated code analysis in highly specialized development environments. This helps you continuously deploying secure applications.