Protect Your Build With A Security Gate

Add automated security testing to your build tool and block new security bugs.

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Maven is a build automation and dependency management system used primarily for Java projects. Its goal is to provide a uniform build system and to simplify the build process altogether. It is used for dependency management, testing, and building of simple to complex projects. To protect your build from new security vulnerabilities, you can easily add RIPS as a build step for automated security testing.

Gradle is an open-source, user-first task-based build tool that is designed to be flexible in order to build many different types of software. It is primarily used for Java projects and the default build system for Android. Several major IDEs like Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, or Eclipse allow you to import Gradle builds and interact with them. You can easily add RIPS security analysis as a build step in order to protect your build from new security vulnerabilities.