Protect Your Live Code with a Security Gate

Easily integrate automated security testing into your continuous integration and delivery tool.

RIPS Integrations

Integrate RIPS powerful security analysis into the leading open source automation server. With the help of our Jenkins plugin, thresholds for vulnerability detection can be set to prevent that critical security issues are added to your project and reach your production server. Jenkins Pipelines are also supported.

Integrate in-depth security analysis to your Atlassian stack with our Bamboo plugin. It adds a new Bamboo task that analyzes your source code during the build process, blocks vulnerable builds, and provides a build security summary.

RIPS and its easy integration into our DevOps tools enables us to manage our risks and to detect vulnerabilities earlier in the development cycle before the code moves into production.

Sachin Shetty, Application Security Manager - Core Products, Datto

Add a security gate to the leading product for continuous code quality inspection with our SonarQube plugin. While SonarPHP fingerprints for a few basic issues, our plugin allows to integrate RIPS sophisticated data flow analysis to catch real and critical security vulnerabilities.

With our RIPS security analysis plugin for TeamCity you can add automated security testing of your application's source code as a new build step in your CI server. RIPS will scan your source code before it is deployed and block new security issues before it is too late.

By partnering with RIPS and by using its extensive automation and integration capabilities, we are able to add another strong layer of security testing to our code base.

Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall, President of the Joomla Project

Hook RIPS security analysis as a build step into your GitLab CI/CD pipeline and stop the build whenever a specific threshold of security issues is violated. By using our CLI tool, the installation is as easy as adding one command to your gitlab configuration file.

With Bitbucket Pipelines you can add Continuous Delivery to your Bitbucket Cloud. RIPS security analysis can be easily added as a pipeline step in order to automatically scan for critical security issues in your build.

Drone is a continuous delivery platform and easily integrates with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. The integration of RIPS analysis into a pipeline is straightforward with our CLI tool. It can trigger new security analyses and break the build if a threshold of vulnerabilities was detected.

Using RIPS API, Magento streamlined its Threat Intelligence pipeline to provide automated scanning and threat identification.

John Steer, Chief of Product Security, Magento

RIPS can be easily integrated into the hosted continuous integration service Travis CI, the most popular CI system used with Github. A custom threshold of detected vulnerabilities by RIPS can act as a security gate that will fail the build of insecure branches.

Circle CI is the second most popular Continuous Integration system used at GitHub. Our ready-to-use Circle CI docker image can be easily added as a build step that checks your code for security issues with RIPS to automatically protect your application.